Go Bubble

Privacy is of high importance to us. We need to be able to moderate all content to keep all of our users as safe as can be and study analytics to ensure the platform is performing to the best of its ability to improve our service for you. We never sell any information to third parties. Any suggested groups in GoBubble are there because we think you might like to check them out.

For parents and teachers you will only receive marketing information in GoBubble from trusted third parties if you have accepted to receive messages (by joining their group).

Kids Privacy

Our promise to you:

1. Anything you create in GoBubble is yours, not ours (photos, films, words)

2. We won’t sell any information about you to other companies (name/school/where you live)

3. Any bits of information (data) we do collect is to help us make sure the GoBubble technology works in the right way to keep you safe

4. We have a team (moderation) who check GoBubble photos, films and words to make sure they are safe and won’t upset anyone

5. You can wipe your account whenever you wish

6. You can delete your account whenever you wish

7. We’ll always try and be clear in anything we say

8. No one will try and sell you anything in GoBubble. We will have official sponsored groups and they are there because we think you’ll like them and you’d like to share news, photos, films and words with the official group and others in the group. They won’t start asking you to buy things in GoBubble

9. Anything we add to this list in the future we’ll let you know about